Economic Development

Mission Statement of the Development Advisory Committee

The mission of the Laurel Economic Development Advisory Committee is to enhance the quality of life and improve business and industry in the Laurel community and area.


For some time the City Council of Laurel recognized the need to hire a person to devote time exclusively to recruiting business, industry and families to locate in Laurel. Working cooperatively with the Laurel Chamber/Community Club, Laurel Development Co., Inc., and Security National Bank for funding, the City established the position of economic development coordinator in November of 1998. An economic development advisory committee oversees the coordinator position with members from the City Council, Chamber/Community Club and Laurel Development Co.

These organizations have stepped to the forefront in providing leadership and resources to give this rural community the tools it needs to work effectively on economic development. The Laurel web page is the result of work by a committee formed to formulate economic development strategic plans.

Business Sites/Buildings/Industrial Park

Laurel currently has a number of developed building sites available, as well as some undeveloped locations. The economic development coordinator maintains a listing of buildings and lots that are for sale or lease.

The North-West and Tolles Industrial Park is 49 acres of prime commercial real estate.  A map of the industrial sites or lots is located under the the commercial and industrial site link.

The coordinator can also provide assistance in contacting resource providers for small business loans and business plans.


There are lots available for construction of new homes with the majority being in the newly developed Norris Addition. Most of the Norris lots are 125' x 140' and paving has begun in that area. In 1999 Laurel was the recipient of a $255,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for rehabilitation of existing homes and downpayment assistance for first-time homebuyers. In 2004 Laurel was awarded another $137,500 in CDBG funds for downpayment and rehabilitation of 3 existing homes and downpayment assistance for construction of 2 new homes.  For information about lots and houses for sale and housing programs, contact the economic development coordinator.

A variety of information is available online for the Laurel and Cedar County area. To learn more about the economic and demographic trends in this area, please visit one of the links below.

Available Sites and Buildings:

Other Economic Development Links:


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